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Post a Job

Posting jobs on TSPRA's website is a free and effective way to find qualified employees in the fields of education communications, foundations and related fields. TSPRA will provide complimentary job postings for any public school district or education related organization. We do not post jobs for private sector, for profit businesses.

To post a job, send an email to lsnider@tspra.org. Please attach a text document or a pdf file with a complete job description. Do not just send a link or an image. Be sure to include the job title, name of the district or organization posting the job, salary, length of contract, required qualifications, information on how to apply and a link to your website where the applicant may find out about your district or organization. A closing date would also be appreciated.

The posting will remain on our list for a maximum of 60 days, at which time it will be removed. If you wish us to remove the posting sooner, please send an email to lsnider@tspra.org .